Top 3 Reasons to Trade with Bitcode Prime

Successful trading

We have made thousands of our users satisfied through bitcoin volatility trading. You could build a fortune with us out of a small investment.


Free and fast withdrawals

The possible profits you earn with us are yours to enjoy. We don’t charge any fees for up to 15 withdrawals per month. The withdrawal fee for withdrawals above the free ones is 1%. We process withdrawals through verified methods within minutes.


Highly intuitive mobile app

You can trade with our powerful platform on your Android, iOS, or Windows smartphone. The Bitcode Prime app download link will be shared with you after the registration. We will be launching a native trading app in the coming months. This app will be available on Google Play and Play Store.


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Bitcode Prime Features


Superior News Trading Algorithm

We have earned a top position among the best platforms for news trading. Our algorithms are built to instantly capture and trade breaking news and volatility-triggering sentiments. We are always ahead of the market in most news events. News trading is highly lucrative in crypto, given that most of the volatility is influenced by news.


Advanced Price Trend Analysis Algorithm

We are also rated top among the best bitcoin platforms for price trend analysis. Price trend analysis involves studying historical price patterns to predict future prices. This trading technique is based on the assumption that price behaviour follows certain patterns.


Powerful Statistical Arbitrage Trading System

The statistical arbitrage technique is based on the inefficient market theory. Asset prices differ in different markets depending on the available information. Our robot places massive crypto orders in underpriced markets and sells in the overpriced markets.


Bitcoin is Super Volatile – But There is Nothing to Worry About since its Opportunities far Outweigh the Risks!

Bitcoin is characterized by insane price swings. The digital currency can gain or lose thousands of dollars within hours. Recently, bitcoin has lost nearly half its value following the stable-coins crisis.

Amazingly, the dive has made volatility traders super-rich. Volatility trading happens through derivatives known as CFDs. These derivatives allow you to bet on an asset price direction without purchasing the underlying asset.

Highly volatile assets are the best to trade through CFDs. Bitcoin is the world’s most volatile asset. This makes it ideal for volatility trading. You can trade its volatility manually through the MT4 trading system. However, you must be a skilled trader to make money through manual trading.

Manual bitcoin trading may not be a smart choice, given that there are trading platforms that outperform the best traders. Bitcode Prime has a history of beating the best manual CFD traders. Our system studies big data to determine the trades to apply.

The big data reliance ensures highly accurate trades. Our trading system applies sophisticated techniques in price trend study, news analysis, and statistical volatility arbitrage trading to bet on the price swings. These techniques are the bread and butter of success in fast-paced trading.

Bitcoin is expected to maintain high-level volatility in the coming months. You are likely to generate profits in the coming months.

Trading with Bitcode Prime

We are entering interesting times in the crypto industry. Crypto mainstream adoption has reached the takeoff stage with governments and corporations adopting it en-masse.

Tens of governments across the globe are exploring crypto as a store of value and hedge against inflation. Some are already working on central-bank backed digital countries. These include China, Japan, Sweden, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Ukraine, India, and the US.

Just recently, El Salvador has accepted bitcoin as a legal tender. The rapidly growing mainstream adoption will likely trigger a huge rally like never witnessed before. Those who invest in bitcoin now have an opportunity to trade successfully in the coming months.

Bitcoin has recently plummeted following the stablecoin crisis. You should invest in the dip before the prices start skyrocketing. Bitcoin could hit $100000 by early next year if the forecast by Fidelity Investment is anything to go by.

Bitcode Prime offers an easy way to trade from the dip. We provide bitcoin CFDs trading to help you stay profitable in all market outcomes. With us, you could be making profits in the bear and the bull markets. Bitcoin is the only asset that experiences multiple bull and bear markets in a month. The bear market is identified by generally falling prices, while generally rising prices define the bull market.

Bitcode Prime was established in the UK, and as a result, we have a sizable following there. The UK alone is home to more than half of all Bitcode Prime users. Over 150 countries can access our trading system.

Many of our clientele throughout all of our operating nations have rated us. The feedback is astounding, with profitability being confirmed by more than 90% of the verified reviews.



What is Bitcoin?

To understand Bitcoin, we need to look at the events that led to its development. The global financial crisis of 2008 brought to light the risks of depending on financial intermediaries. A financial intermediary is a third party firm that holds funds from lenders to make loans to borrowers.

Financial intermediaries can be banks, unit-trust companies, or building societies. Banks and mortgage companies triggered the global crisis of 2008 through unsustainable lending models. These firms were lending mortgages to unqualified individuals and passing the risk through the system using sophisticated financial derivatives.

The US government enabled the crisis through ineffective policies. Expert reports indicate that Federal Reserve market interventions worsened the financial crisis. The ineffectiveness of this centralized government body continues to receive blame for the mini recessions that have happened since the crisis. Analysts estimate that the failure of financial intermediaries, including the governments, will continue to put the world into major financial recessions.

Bitcoin was introduced as a solution to the failure of centralized institutions. Crypto eliminates the dependence on financial intermediaries, including government entities. According to its white paper titled “A P2P Electronic Cash System,” the digital currency eliminates government-controlled money and opens up cross-border transactions.

Bitcoin was introduced to take the place of the fiat money system. By doing so, the crypto would eliminate the roles of the institutions that led to the crisis. Bitcoin is based on a system that ensures seamless and transparent P2P transactions. This system is known as the blockchain.

The crypto has grown tremendously as a unit of account, store of value and as an asset. Today, many leading global corporations have adopted it as a payment method. Moreover, many have invested in it as an asset. Bitcoin has risen from less than a dollar in 2010 to nearly $60,000. The rise has made many investors super-wealthy. Today, bitcoin is classified among the highly volatile assets. The high volatility makes it a perfect bet for fast-paced traders.

You can invest in bitcoin through the traditional buying low and selling high or trade it through various derivatives. Buying low and selling high is good if you are a long term investor. Bitcoin derivatives trading is suitable for investors looking for fast profits. Fast-paced trading is super profitable but also involves a high degree of risk. This is expected given the huge positive correlation between reward and risk.

You can trade bitcoin derivatives manually or via a trading platform. Manual trading is only suitable for experienced traders. Trading robots such as Bitcode Prime eliminate the need to trade manually. Therefore, our robot is super profitable and is a perfect bet for all. We are super popular in all trading circles and have earned the top position in experts’ lists for the best bitcoin platforms.

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